St Bede's Applications

Every year a number of parents approach the Parish Priest to endorse their application for St Bede's School.  The Admissions Policy of the school is quite clear and can be found here.

In order not to disappoint those who approach the parish for endorsement of their application it is advisable that the following elements of the School's Policy is understood.  In particular:

"In order to be considered for a Church of England/Roman Catholic foundation place, details of each applicant’s membership (see note 3) of an Anglican or Roman Catholic Church is to be demonstrated at the time of application on the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF), which must be returned to the school. The school will seek confirmation of such applicant’s membership (see note 3) and (where claimed) status as a regular worshipper (see note 4) by writing to your priest/incumbent."

"4) ‘Regular worshipper’ is defined as attendance of one or more parent/carers at worship at least fortnightly for at least three years immediately prior to application. Those who have recently moved to the area and who worshipped previously in a different church or faith community will be asked to supply information so the school can seek a reference showing that the three-year period is covered."


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